How To: Improve figure skating spirals with a stretch routine

Improve figure skating spirals with a stretch routine

In this video, you will learn how to stretch your back to strengthen your spirals while figure skating. First, lay on your stomach. Next, lift your arm and opposite leg in the air. Hold this for a few seconds and then alternate. The next exercise involve bringing your back up in a vertical position while laying down. Next, stand up and stretch your arm over your head towards your side. Alternate the arms with this exercise. You can practice your balance by standing on one leg and holding the position shown. You can also try pulling the leg in the air with a hand. You can also do the splits on the ground to strengthen your spins. Alternate which way you are facing. Now, try leaning as far backwards while standing. You can do these exercises anywhere. Viewing this video will teach you the best exercises to strengthen your spirals.

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